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Rushmore Road, London

This was a big, challenging project. To bring a dilapidated, but very special place back to life after years of neglect. It was damp and rundown, and the rooms and corridors were laid out in such a way that blocked the light. So, it was knocked through and opened up.

The tones of smart greys, deep blues and softer blues gave the house a smart, clean and calm feel. It needed that to make it feel less chaotic. The classical palette was repeated throughout, and set against raw materials like wood, marble and exposed brick. So the feel throughout is modern and contemporary.

When I discovered some already exposed brick work or old beams along the way, I was able to keep them.

The project was very low budget, so street finds were painted with love and upcycled with care! Offers and hand-me-downs were carefully chosen and accepted. It was about keeping in mind the bigger picture.

The house was rented out when we left the Uk and the reactions from tenants has been overwhelmingly positive.

Rushmore Road, London town house renovation