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Interior Designer & Stylist, Mother & Creative, Serving London and International Projects

MOOD BOARDS - Are you stuck for what you need, how to find it and where to put it, and how to make it all work together beautifully and within budget. Cocobird design offers easy ideas and layout, colour schemes and sourcing for your home. Summer mood boards available with a one week turnaround from cocobirddesign at a discounted rate, ending 16th July. I specialise in LAYOUTS - how your space can work - 3D drawings and sketches COLOUR SCHEMES - from what colours put on your walls to how you layer the colours in your home and environment with textiles/furnishings SOURCING - particularly skilled at sourcing all the elements you need to fit the look and needs of your home, and within your budget. Over the past seven years I have worked in London and Berlin, on everything from redesigning smart town houses from scratch, planning full apartment renovations, and sourcing the furniture, wallpapers and colours schemes for entire homes, to also redesigning tiny bathroom spaces or practical children's bedrooms. No job is too big or small. As as mother of three I know how times change, and the needs of a home rapidly need to adapt and how increasingly important family life becomes, and now more than ever. I often get requests from young families needing solutions that allow life to be stylish and fun as well as practical. I also work with people who have a vision and a dream but need help reigning it in, refining their colour schemes or sourcing the perfect furniture, art and wallpaper or fabric to make that vision work. I am here to help you solve your problems through storytelling and to work out how to make your life more functional and beautiful. Here’s the link to one of Cocobird Design’s recent Berlin projects, as featured in Houzz Magazine, use google to translate -

Lucy helped me re-design two of the key rooms of my apartment and transformed the feeling at home from a functional place to live to a true home that feels cozy, well designed and authentic to my personality. I had not done renovation projects before and so a lot was new for me, Lucy helped me to identify my style and sourced relevant items that then matched the style. Very happy about how everything turned out!